The AlysDax community is constantly growing and developing, attracting new partners and leaders. In order to make your working with the company’s materials more convenient, the project’s brand book was developed by the Marketing Department. >>> DOWNLOAD (.PDF)

Here you can find information about the AlysDax logo, colors, backgrounds, fonts and their sizes used. Guided by information from the brand book, you can create souvenir products in the general style, for styling and distribution at events. AlysDax branded T-shirts have already become a kind of symbol of acceptance into the community, now they will be in one style, regardless of which team the leader printed them in and in which country.

You can use corporate style materials for mass promotion of AlysDax.

AlysDax is a huge community of like-minded people united by the desire for financial independence. The community’s desire is to earn more by developing the project's partner network and working with deposits on favorable terms! If you share our views then just become a part of AlysDax right now!

Apr 29th, 2020 00:30:30