The AlysDax community has increased not only by many residents of China, but also by journalists and owners of the largest information resources in the country, who became AlysDax members! They continue to inform their readers about the latest achievements of the platform, talk about how you can make money with AlysDax and how to become a project leader.

Previously, information about us has already appeared in a number of major Chinese media, but today the list of publications has been replenished with the following articles:,,,

Such close and regular attention to the project by editors and correspondents of publications only confirms the fact that the creators of the platform are moving in the right direction, promoting ideas of financial independence among the world population. With AlysDax, it doesn’t matter at all whether you have special skills in finance, or just want to be part of a successful project. Everyone earns in AlysDax! This is facilitated by an extensive system of bonuses and a multi-level referral program.

Apr 12th, 2020 06:50:38