The strategy set by AlysDax is to scale the project in the world. As it globalizes, increases the share of presence in investment circles, at the same time it provokes the appearance of scammers parasitizing on the success of our unique project.

The AlysDax team is interested in providing safety for its investors and partners. When users receive information from official sources they have the opportunity in real time to get acquainted with the project news, receive support from the team of curators (Team Manager) and use the base knowledge of Technical Support.

The Community already has got the following channels for successful communicating with users of the system:

Contact the support company through the Feedback form on the “Contact Us” page or in online chat on the official website.

Request for support of regional curators. This option is available in your personal account by clicking on the “
Get a Team Manager

Official news channels on social networks:

Additional official sources of information in the Telegram messenger:,,

We remind you to maximize the protection of AlysDax user accounts from unauthorized access. Technical Support strongly recommends changing the default security settings by activating verification via Telegram or Google Authenticator.

Following the recommendations of AlysDax is the key to your prosperity!

Apr 7th, 2020 17:22:35